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Email Masters

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  • How to build a buyers list. A buyers list is by far the most powerful email list you can own, and I’ll show you how to create one without creating a single product of your own.
  • “Original Source” sales tracking. Most email marketers can tell you when they get a sale, but they have no idea where the email address that made the sale originally came from. I’ll show you exactly how to associate every single sale you make back to where you originally received that email address from. So you can confidently get leads and emails from the most profitable sources.
  • “Data Junkie” style tracking. We’ll dive deep into tracking EVERY aspect of your visitors journey, so that you know exactly where you’re making money and where you’re wasting money.
  • My secret “bridge pages”. Simple single-page sites that immediately increase the revenue you receive from every single click from your email list.
  • Master optimization. Learn how to optimize every step of your email clickers process (doubling your revenue), just by changing a few variables in your tracking system.
  • Tracking email revenue. How to track the revenue of every single email you send, and optimize your emails around profits.
  • Advanced distribution techniques. Learn how to ethically and effectively distribute your best leads to different lists to maximize your revenue from every single lead that you bring into your system.

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