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Landing Pages & Email Swipes

Scott September 17, 2021

Landing Pages

The landing pages provided below all run on the WordPress plugin called Elementor.  To put these pages on your own website you need to install WordPress, the Elementor plugin, and also purchase 1 license of Elementor Pro.

This is EXACTLY the same setup that I use in my business which does tens of thousands of dollars in revenue every single month.  So I highly recommend taking the time to learn these tools if you can.

Elementor MMO Pages Download

Email Swipes

In the digital marketing industry, emails are sometimes called “swipes”.  And a list of emails that can be used in marketing campaigns would be a called a “swipe file”.

Here’s a swipe file for you of 30 emails, that you can re-write and use in your email marketing campaigns.  Or just copy and paste as is if you choose.

30 MMO Email Swipes

For this swipe file the very first line in every notepad is the subject line of the email.  Then the rest of the email is actual email content.

Also, I have signed every email as “Friend”, please change this to your name, or a pen name.

Any questions?  Feel free to jump in the Telegram or Facebook chat and ask away.